Additional baggage over 2 per/person               $  2.00 each
Additional passengers, same family                  $10.00 each

Additional Passengers, same PARTY               $ 35.00 each

Additional stops                                                .50 per minute ($15.00 minimum) additional charge

Wait time is $0.50 per minute after the first 30 minutes beyond scheduled pick-up time (if 2 1/2 hour notice to re-arrange schedule is not given)

ANY PICK-UP STARTING BEFORE 6:00am-CST or AFTER 9:00pm-CST,or ANYTIME ON MAJOR HOLIDAYS will be charged an additional $25.00 per trip


An active credit/debit card may be required to hold reservations.

*Cancellation of a previously booked appointment is required at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick-p/start time or a $30.00 cancellation fee will be billed and payable. 

If the appointment is cancelled AFTER the driver is dispatched and/or in route to the pick-up location, the TOTAL amount of the trip will be billed and payable.

Driver gratuity (if desired) is NOT included in price quotes. Gratuity is between the driver and the customer at customers discretion.

These charges are only to re-coup losses in business/and or expenses due to unfulfilled appointments and late arrivals that tie up our drivers

We cannot be held liable for late arrivals for pick-up and/or drop offs due to weather conditions, road back-ups or delays. We make every attempt to avoid delays if alternate routes are found and can be safely traveled, otherwise we are at the mercy of the situation.

** Payment by credit card must be made via e-mailed invoice through PayPal and a service charge of 5.00% will be added to the total**